by Rohini Mohan on November 10, 2017

4 Habits of Highly Influential Advocacy Marketers

Advocacy Marketers are the new age digital transformers who can make sure your organization increases its overall bottom line profits in a competi

by Rohini Mohan on October 12, 2017

Shape Thought Leadership Through Your Brand Advocates

The hype over brand advocacy is at an all-time high – it has captured the interest of marketers, researchers, academicians and business honchos

by Richa Sharma on September 23, 2017

How Does Social Selling Benefit Enterprises

Social selling – it’s a word, all of us have heard in recent times and one that has created quite a stir in the marketing world. Traditional B

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The Kenscio-SOCXO Success Story

Success StoryAbout Kenscio Kenscio is a leading data-driven Digital Marketing company in India. Having started in 2009 as an Email Service Provide

by Rohini Mohan on August 18, 2017

8 Signs That Your Organization Needs Employee Engagement

Motivated and passionate employees play a great role in transforming organizations. It’s not a simple task to keep the fire burning and have a t

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Employee Productivity Measures to Motivate Your Team

Productivity matters – there’s no doubt that companies today want engaged workers who make their work hours meaningful. The productivity of an

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Knowledge Sharing and Employee Advocacy – The Perfect Partners

Change is never easy to embrace and so is the case when organizations try to introduce their employees to the concept of employee advocacy. Witho

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Why Gamification is Essential to Employee Advocacy?

Gamification – It’s undoubtedly the best strategy to kickstart your employee advocacy program into a high drive. Gamification is a great way t

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How Engaged Employees Add Value to Your Business and Why it Should Matter to You?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, employees demand to be engaged to have a sense of purpose in their roles that makes them feel like t

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How can SOCXO Transform Your Corporate Culture and Boost Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is certainly the new buzzword in the business world. Corporate leaders today are striving hard to create an inclusive work cul