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by Ipsita Ratha on January 15, 2018

Three Ways To Measure Advocacy Marketing Program’s Success

Advocacy marketing is potential for brand building, amplifying social reach and nurturing meaningful relationships with their key stakeholders. Un

by Ipsita Ratha on January 11, 2018

How Employee Advocacy Impacts ‘Social Hiring’ In The Digital Era

The Changing Scenario: ‘Social Hiring’ is budding as a go-to concept with the advent of digital-branding and expansion in usage of social medi

by Ipsita Ratha on January 7, 2018

Customer Advocacy – An Essential Aspect Of Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy marketing enables brands to encourage their stakeholders to express positive sentiment about the brand, its products, and services. The s

by Rohini Mohan on January 6, 2018

Difference Between Brand Ambassadors & Brand Advocates

Although used interchangeably, there is marked difference between brand ambassadors & brand advocates. Influencer marketing is another term th

by Ipsita Ratha on December 30, 2017

Is It Beneficial For Partners And Customers To Be A Part Of Advocacy Marketing?

Advocacy marketing proves to be an excellent investment for today’s digital-savvy businesses. It entails amplifying brand reach, by encouraging

by Ipsita Ratha on December 27, 2017

Why Is Employee Advocacy An Important Aspect For Corporates And How Does It Create Employee Engagement?

Is it not a great idea to have teams of passionate employees promote your brand? And why employees would be interested to do the same? Would like

by Rohini Mohan on December 22, 2017

How does Advocacy Marketing Support Online Reputation Management?

Advocacy marketing can positively impact a brand by not only improving its reach and visibility but also its online reputation among customers. We

by Ipsita Ratha on December 21, 2017

Dos & Don’ts In Implementing Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy is the next generation Word Of Mouth (WOM) marketing! It is the promotion of an organization by its employees. Employees are cru

by Richa Sharma on December 16, 2017

What is the Difference Between Advocacy Marketing & Paid Marketing?

Advocacy marketing has been popularised among business strategists and marketers. It is popularly being adopted by an organization as it builds st

by Ipsita Ratha on December 14, 2017

Is Brand Advocacy Similar to Employee Advocacy?

Is brand advocacy similar to employee advocacy? It is perhaps, the most critical question every organization encounters while formulating an advoc


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